Lagoon Dredging by Radio Remote Control Reduces Labor and Operator Exposure

Radio Remote Sense™ is the new LWT system for complete remote control of dredging and waste lagoon pumping. Hand held panel controls dredge from distances of 1100 feet or more. Operator can move about the site and stay in control of dredging. Lights on the dredge indicate when auger, pump or travel motors are running to signal dredge operation and control. Remote control enhances operator comfort and safety, reduces labor and increases production.

Radio Remote Sense™ T110 Remote Control

Radio Remote Sense™
T110 Remote Control

LWT’s “Remote Senses” for total control: Solids Sense™ lets you set solids density then it continually adjusts to maintain it. Monitoring the density it can react faster than an operator to maintain uniform concentration. Bottom Sense™ follows pond contour and raises the head if bottom is contacted to save pond liners. Auto Sense™ and Lateral Sense™ complete control of movement setting limits on the area to be dredged.

Electronic solenoid valves control hydraulic systems on dredges for travel speed, traversing winch speed, pump speed and depth of the 4 or 8 foot auger/cutter heads. Hydraulic power gives soft start/stop, greater control and smooth operation. Pit Hog™ systems automate control of both electric and engine power plants.

LWT manufactures a full line of Pit Hog™ dredges, submersible pumps, agitating and cleaning equipment for liquid waste handling.

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