United Marine International Commissions TRASHCAT™ Trash Skimmer Vessels in Hong Kong and Singapore

February 1, 2000

United Marine International has successfully commissioned a new generation of trash skimmer vessels in two of the world’s busiest ports: Hong Kong and Singapore. The TRASHCATS™ employ new technology to remove floating trash and debris as large as telephone poles, or as small as floating paper cups, to improve marine safety and the environment.

Both Hong Kong and Singapore have taken the initiative to solve the problem of floating trash as a matter of public policy so their ports can continue to serve as economic growth engines consistent with environmental concerns.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, under the auspices of the Private Sector Committee on the Environment, sponsored the introduction of TRASHCAT™ technology to Hong Kong. Secretary of Planning, Environment and Lands, Mr. Gordon Siu, noted during a commissioning ceremony that Hong Kong’s floating trash problem adds up to almost 10,000 tons per year. The new machines, with their ability to pick up and discharge trash via conveyors and without human contact, will increase the safety and efficiency of the clean-up effort. Hong Kong Salvage and Towage Company will operate the equipment for the Port.

David Eldon, Chairman of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, noted during the Hong Kong commissioning ceremony that privatized floating trash pick-up has proven four-five times as efficient, measured by tons collected per day per boat, compared to municipally run operations.

TRASHCAT™ Model TC-150L operating in Hong Kong's harborTRASHCAT™ Model TC-150L operating in Hong Kong’s harbor– this model has a capacity of 1 ton, or 4.3 cu. meters (150 cu. ft.)


The Port of Singapore also commissioned a private company, Tian San Shipping (Pte) Limited, to coordinate its new program to clean up floating trash. Tian San has a multi-year clean-up contract with the Port, based on its use of new TRASHCATS™ just delivered to Singapore.

The contract includes a provision of craft and crew for collection of garbage from vessels and clearance of flotsam from the sea within the port waters. Tian San has commissioned various types of environmental control vessels to fulfill this contract, including its two new TRASHCATS™ which will be deployed to retrieve flotsam from the port waters.

The trash skimmers recently delivered to Singapore, the TRASHCAT™ Model MS8-1500A, have a capacity of 1500 pounds or 3.4 cu. meters (120 cu. ft.), and they achieved speeds of over 7 knots, fully loaded during acceptance trials. They have catamaran hulls with dual propulsion, hydraulically driven, with variable prop speeds, which allows for extreme maneuverability in recovering trash in hard-to-get corners. They can be operated by only one man, are self-unloading via conveyor, and can be tailored from one place to another.

The Port of Singapore's new TRASHCATS™ Model MS8-1500A

The Port of Singapore’s new TRASHCATS™ Model MS8-1500A

Excerpt from KnoxNews.com