Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners Expand Fleet with Low-Profile TrashCat™ System

October 1, 2001

United Marine International (UMI), Division of Liquid Waste Technology, Inc., USA, has delivered a second round of trash skimmer equipment for the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners (PVSC), Newark, NJ.  UMI is the world’s leading manufacturer of Marine Trash Skimmer boats, with over 60 TrashCat™ Trash Skimmers in operation worldwide,

PVSC, the fifth largest wastewater treatment plant in the US, processes approximately 330 million gal./day of influent (estimated to be 25% of the total wastewater generated in all of New Jersey) for New Jersey communities with a total population of 1.3 million. In addition to wastewater treatment processing, PVSC is responsible for the removal of floating debris and driftwood from the Passaic River and Newark Bay, which both feed into New York Harbor. PVSC accomplishes this task with UMI TrashCat™ equipment.

UMI, which pioneered the concept that has set today’s standard for trash skimmer design, built a special adaptation of the smallest TrashCat™, a Model #MS8-1500A, with a low-profile operator’s cab that will enable the vessel to pass under low clearance bridges of the Passaic River. This vessel, equipped with conveyorized, articulating vertical wings, can skim the water surface 8 ft. (2.4 m) wide to a depth of 1½ ft. (0.46 m) and storing up to 1500 lbs. (680.4 kg) (or 200 cu. ft./5.66 m3) of captured debris in its storage area. The vessel requires only one (1) operator, using finger tip hydraulic remote controllers to run all functions of the trash skimming operation.

PVSC's TRASHCATT operating in Newark Bay

PVSC’s TRASHCATT operating in Newark Bay

In June 1999, PVSC took delivery of its first TrashCat™, UMI’s largest Model #MS16-12000B.  The new unit is the 10th TrashCat™ operating in and around the New York Harbor waterways since 1985. The materials being removed from Newark Bay and the Passaic River are typically natural and man-made items, floating logs and tree limbs, automotive tires, plastic bags filled with trash, Styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, etc. basically, anything that enters the water from stormwater outfalls or watershed runoff, including debris that is just thrown into the water.

UMI also delivered as part of this order a specially designed elongated Pier Conveyor, used to offload the TrashCat™ and transfer the recovered trash and debris to a land-based dumpster (or dump truck). This unit, which is mobile for over-road transfer, can be deployed and operated over a 12 ft. (3.6 m) high seawall, to accommodate normal tidal variations for Newark Bay.

UMI is a Division of Liquid Waste Technology (LWT), Somerset, WI, USA, producer of the PIT HOGT automated, remote-controlled dredges and pumping systems.