New York Harbor Area Floating Trash Skimmer Boat

July 2002

United Marine International (UMI), Division of Liquid Waste Technology, Inc., USA, has emerged as the world’s leading producer of Marine Trash Skimmers. UMI designs and manufactures Water Management Boats to remove from waterways all types and sizes of floating debris, aquatic vegetation and related pollutants…anything and everything that “washes” out of watersheds after snow melts, “spring runoff” and rainstorms…natural debris, street litter, man-make “floatables”, and garbage. All this pollution eventually finds it way into our ports and harbors.

Today there are over 60 UMI TrashCat™ skimmer boats in operation throughout the world. New York, Paris, Washington, DC, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Baltimore, all providing cleaner and safer recreational and commercial waterways to their residents and visitors with their UMI TrashCat™ skimmer vessels. UMI’s WeedCat™ Aquatic Weed Harvester equipment removes both floating and rooted nuisance aquatic plants from ponds, lakes, reservoirs, marinas, hydroelectric reservoirs, etc.

UMI’s most recent delivery, a repeat order from Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners (PVSC), Newark, New Jersey, is UMI’s smallest Model #MS8-1500A TrashCat™. PVSC, which is responsible for removing floating debris from Newark Bay (part of the New York harbor estuaries) and the Passaic River, took delivery of this TrashCat™ in October 2001. A low-silhouette boat (equipped with a “side-cab”), UMI specially designed the skimmer so it could travel under low clearance bridges, enabling it to reach otherwise inaccessible and confined areas in the upper reaches of the Passaic River. You can find more information about PVSC’s TrashCat™ operations on their web site at, as well as additional PVSC stories on UMI’s News Section.

UMI's smallest Model #MS8-1500A TRASHCAT skimming floating trash in the Passaic River, New Jersey.

Foreground: UMI’s smallest Model #MS8-1500A TRASHCAT, owned by PVSC skimming floating trash in the Passaic River, New Jersey. Background: UMI’s largest Model #MS16-12000B

TrashCat Full of Debris in New Jersey Passaic River

TrashCat In New Jersey River

TrashCats In Newark Bay

Various photos of PVSC’s TRASHCAT operating in Newark Bay

The Passaic Valley TRASHCAT, requiring just one operator (and possibly an assistant for added safety), features articulating conveyorized wings capable of efficiently recovering floating trash with an 8 ft. (2.44 m) wide swath and delivering the debris to the vessels on-board storage containment area, which has a capacity of up to 1500 lbs (680 kgs) or 120 cu.ft. (3.4 cu.m.).

UMI’s products include TrashCat™ Marine Trash Skimmers, WeedCat™ Aquatic Weed Harvesters, and “Combo” Oil/Debris Skimmers…with Optional Accessories and Auxiliary Support Equipment to provide complete systems that complement the operation of the boat and provide a proven solution to your marine environmental problem:

Shore or Pier Conveyors – to transfer pollutant materials from the vessels to shore.
Tilt-Deck Trailers – to launch and retrieve the vessels and to haul them over the road.
Power Packs – to supply hydraulic power to the conveyors.
Trailer-Conveyors – serve the dual function of a Trailer + Conveyorized Dumpster.
Wherever in the world you find undesirable floating trash and debris, or nuisance aquatic vegetation (floating or rooted/submerged), contact UMI for information about our problem-solving complete systems.

UMI is a Division of Liquid Waste Technology (LWT), Somerset, WI, USA, producer of the PIT HOGT automated, remote-controlled dredges and pumping systems.

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