U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Makes Award to Houston’s Trash Skimmer Program

Summer 2004

The U.S. EPA has awarded 1st prize in the prestigious 2004 “Gulf Guardian” contest to the floating trash skimming program run jointly by the Port of Houston Authority, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, and Harris County, Texas. The EPA credited this program, relying on a UMI TrashCatT, for “dramatic visual improvement,” “improving water quality,” saving aquatic life from ingesting trash, and generally helping to restore marine ecological function.

The “Gulf Guardian” contest recognizes environmental achievement in the five state Gulf of Mexico region.

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TrashCat™ "Mighty Tidy"

TrashCat™ “Mighty Tidy” skimming
the Houston Ship Channel
for floating trash and debris

TrashCat™ "Mighty Tidy"

TrashCat™ approaching the Pier Conveyor
with portable hydraulic Power Pack to discharge
and transfer debris into the dumpster

TrashCat™ "Mighty Tidy"

TrashCat™ “Mighty Tidy” removing floating trash
between seawall and a ship in Houston Ship Channel