Liquid Waste Technology LLC Installs New Diesel Powered Remote Controlled Dredge

For Immediate Release

February 24, 2011

New Richmond, WI – Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) has delivered and installed its new remote controlled diesel powered Mud Cat™ dredge to a mine site in Chile. The new remotely operated dredge has stainless steel construction, an extreme duty mining pump and reliable CAT® 78 HP diesel engine for handling tailings in a mining pond.

remote-operated-diesel-powered-mud-cat-dredgeThe radio remote operated dredge is equipped with an extreme duty Toyo™ mining pump for long life and reliable operations. The 8 foot auger head can be equipped with cutter teeth and liner protection wheels. LWT offers automation options including Bottom Sense™. Using Bottom Sense™, dredge’s auger-head will automatically raise and lower to follow the bottom’s contour thus eliminating the risk of damage to the pond liner. The Auto Sense™ feature increases operator productivity by allowing the dredge to stop the dredge’s forward movement automatically and return to the point of origin to await the next command. The use of LWT’s Solids Sense™ feature adjusts the speed of the dredge to optimize a predetermined percentage of solids established by the operator. This feature assists the dredge operator to maintain maximum production of solids at a specified flow rate and minimizes the labor required to operate the dredge. It is ideal for both de-watering and continuous process systems.

lwt-phd-78-installed-at-mineLWT provides start-up field training to ensure continued quality performance and safety. During the commissioning, a series of test runs are initiated to fine-tune the dredge’s performance and to adjust the automated system to closely match the customer’s requirements.

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