Austin, Texas, City Council OKs Trash Skimmer for Town Lake

May 9, 1996 – The Austin City Council approved the purchase of a marine trash skimmer this week that is designed to make the waters of Town Lake look cleaner and increase the efficiency of City crews.

The skimmer, from United Marine International, will help eliminate the City’s current cumbersome and labor-intensive method of using a boat and rakes to remove trash and debris from Town Lake. The skimmer can sweep up debris as large as tires and small trees and is equipped with a conveyor to transport trash directly from the skimmer into a dump truck. The skimmer also is equipped with a trailer to allow it to be transported to other waterways as needed.

The more efficient skimmer will be especially useful at removing debris quickly and heavy rains that cause debris to accumulate in Town Lake.

The purchase will be paid from the operating budget of the Drainage Utility Department. The Drainage Utility was started to improve water quality and flood and erosion control in the City’s waterways.

Contact: Charles Brading, Drainage Utility Department, 512-499-7071/Pager 512-604-3859