New “TrashCat™” Trash Skimmer to Clean Debris from Harbors and Dams

The sun is out, the day is clear, and there is a scent in the area. Unfortunately, the scent is an unpleasant one, because accumulated trash in the waterway has gone unattended for some time. Debris-laden harbors and marinas are not only unsightly, they are potentially dangerous to both personnel and equipment. There are laborious methods to rid enclosed dams and waterways of unwanted trash, but a proven and effective way to get the job done expediently is by employing a waterborne solid waste removal system, commonly referred to as a marine trash skimmer boat.

United Marine International LLC (UMI) has recently introduced a new model state-of-the-art “TRASHCAT™” trash skimmer boat that will clean up debris even in the most awkward corners. This “jawed” watercraft performs amazingly as it maneuvers through tight spots as well as in open areas to scoop up and clean out all sorts of undesirable debris.

The new model “TRASHCAT™” TS16-12000 trash skimmer boat picks up all types of floating debris in both confined and open areas of harbors, marinas, boat basins, reservoirs, and coves. The “TRASHCAT™” utilizes a unique combination of hydraulically controlled conveyor systems and is able to capture, contain and retrieve a wide variety of floating material up to four and one-half feet in diameter. The most common debris gathered by this marine apparatus includes: elusive Styrofoam, garbage, tires, floating wood and logs, paper and plastic products, oil-absorbent materials, etc.

The “TRASHCAT™” operates methodically and efficiently. Nothing in its path will escape entrapment. Trash captured within the 16-foot maximum span of the conveyor’s sweeper wing is channeled to the skimmer pickup conveyors during operations, as illustrated by the photos. Debris is accumulated in the on-board storage container and can be stacked by indexing the open-mesh storage bed conveyors back and forth.

While working in confined areas or where debris is packed in tight, the “TRASHCAT™” wings can hydraulically close to grab and capture material, while concurrently picking up and loading.

Heavy-duty operations are available to deal with large logs, roots, truck tires, and other oversize floating debris. Once fully loaded, the diesel-powered “TRASHCAT™”, propelled by hydrostatic, hydraulically-driven twin propellers, returns to a shore offloading site where it mates with a mobile pier-to-shore conveyor to transfer the trash load to dump trucks or dumpsters for ultimate disposal.

The capacity of the model TS16-12000 “TRASHCAT™” is 12,000 lbs. or 700 cubic feet. The “TrashCat” is built on a twin pontoon Hydro-flo hull that allows the water to flow through the hull.

UMI also has available scaled-down models with a storage capacity of 5,00 lbs, or 300 cubic feet and other sizes and capacities. Other UMI standard equipment includes oil skimmer boats and aquatic weed harvesters.

Reprinted with permission from VIA PORT OF NY-NJ PUBLICATION, May 1991