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Agricultural Dredging

Turning Waste into Dollars — Georgia Producer Reclaims Fines for Aglime Markets

A Georgia aggregate producer has found an added source of income and solved a production problem by selling reclaimed crushed fines to local farm markets for use as agricultural lime. While producing 800 to 900 tons of crushed rock per

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Mud Cat Mops Up Manure — Contractor Uses Dredge to Restore Runoff Lagoon for Cattle Feed Yard

Contractors are an adaptable breed of men. Texas contractor J. Lee Milligan, Inc., of Amarillo is no exception to the rule. When the grizzled Milligan got the job of cleaning out the lagoon of the Mesa Verde Feed Yard in

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Mud Cat at Home on Dairy Farm

In the midst of barns, fields and dairy cows, a shiny dredging machine looks a bit out of place. But such a machine, called the Mud Cat, is solving some California manure handling problems, thanks to Dennis Thomas. The Riverdale,

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