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Coal Fines

Turn an Environmental Problem into Profit: Dredge recovers coal fines from settling ponds

The Mud Cat auger dredge, a quality heavy-duty mini-dredge with a huge appetite for coal fines, is performing beyond expectations for Paul M. Taylor Augering Company of Madisonville, Kentucky. Manufactured by the Mud Cat Division of Mud Cat International, Baltimore, USA, theRead more

Mini-Dredge Slurps Up Tons of Waste Coal from Slurry Settling Ponds

There’s plenty of rich coal in slurry ponds. And all you need to get it out is to get yourself one of these mini-dredges. The Mud Cat, a versatile two-man-operated mini-dredge, is performing wonders in recouping valuable coal from Peabody Coal

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Coal Particles Utilized with the Help of Mud Cat

In an attempt to recover all available coal, the Waterloo Coal Company in Jackson, Ohio, purchased a Mud Cat auger dredge from the Mud Cat Division of Mud Cat International to reclaim previously discarded coal particles 3/16 inch diameter and less. For

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Mud Cat Dredges used Around-the-Clock in Coal Fines Clean-Up Operation in Kentucky

A.T. Massey Coal Co. subsidiary Martin County Coal Corp., faces citations from the Kentucky Natural Resources Protection Cabinet and a federal investigation following the accidental discharge of more than 210 million gallons of coal slurry from a 72-acre refuse impoundment

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