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Dredge & Turbidity

PCB Contamination of the Hudson: Is Dredging an Appropriate Cleanup Strategy?

What are PCBs? How did PCBs get in the Hudson River? PCB contamination is considered the most serious environmental problem affecting the Hudson River. PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were used by many industries as insulation fluids in capacitors, transformers and

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Surgical Dredging Controls Turbidity

The need to remove contaminated sediments located under a column is increasing. Modern, small hydraulic dredges often are the most logical choice for the task. Small dredges typically have from 6-inch to 10-inch discharge diameter and float on the water

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Sierra Club Endorses Dredging For Removal Of Contaminated Sediments

August 2003 The Sierra Club has published a bulletin about how dredging is frequently the best mechanism to remove contaminated sediments from the ecosystem. The report offers an overview of when dredging makes sense, as well as an evenhanded discussion

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