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Environmental Dredging

Remote Control Dredge Prevents Contamination at Fernald, Ohio Super Fund Nuclear Remediation Site

LWT remote control dredge at Fernald, Ohio Super Fund site (Model RCLPE) LWT remote control dredge at Fernald, Ohio Super Fund site (Model RCLPE) When the operations manager at the Fernald, Ohio Super Fund Site Remedial Action Project needed aRead more

ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE U.S. Army Attributes Success of Dredging Clean-Up Project to “Innovative Technology:” New Mud Cat MC-2000 Auger Dredge Used

Courtesy Stone and Webster Water drains from geotextile tubes filled with bay sediment. The water was collected and used for agriculture. Mud Cat MC-2000 Dredging at Badger Army Ammunition Plant Gruber's Grove Bay in Lake Wisconsin (Photo courtesy Bay West,Read more

Bay West is dredging Gruber’s Grove Bay in Lake Wisconsin using a Mud Cat MC-2000 Dredge

Mud Cat MC-2000 Auger Dredge The Mud Cat MC-2000 is one-truck transportable The new MC-2000 excavator design showing the heavy duty auger design, massive ladder structure for downward cutting force and submerged pump located directly behind the auger for maximumRead more

U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Finds The Mud Cat™ Dredge 95% To 99% Efficient In Removing Sediments…In Tests Conducted For The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

October 2003 The Corps further found that the “Mud Cat’s patented retractable mud shield, which surrounds the cutterhead, entraps suspended material increasing suction efficiency and minimizing turbidity.” These comments are from a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ report entitled “Control

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Sierra Club Endorses Dredging For Removal Of Contaminated Sediments

August 2003 The Sierra Club has published a bulletin about how dredging is frequently the best mechanism to remove contaminated sediments from the ecosystem. The report offers an overview of when dredging makes sense, as well as an evenhanded discussion

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Dredging Contaminated Sediments at an Active Impact Range: An Ordnance Avoidance Success

Spoils being pumped into the retention basin. Note fencing for UXO's. Transfer pipe from the dredge is on the right. The birds are yellowlegs feeding on sticklebacks transported through the line. By Michael R. Walsh, P.E., Cold Regions Research &Read more
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