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Irrigation & Canal Dredging

Tricks of the Trade — Mini-Dredge Clears Silt Quickly from Boat Channel

The Mud Cat, a two-man-operated mini-dredge recently removed accumulated silt from a lagoon channel at Ventura Keys, Calif. in a test demonstration. Powered by a 175-hp diesel, the dredge operates through an auger assembly at the end of a boom

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Mud Cat and Sugar Refinery Cooling Water Canals

A new machine called a “Mud Cat” has been developed expressly for the task of ridding lakes, streams and channels of undesirable sediment buildup. Small as such equipment goes, the “Mud Cat” is in reality a floating barge equipped with

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Mud Cat Signs Contract In Vietnam For 2 Dredgers. U.S. Firms Will Have To Fight For Contracts in Vietnam

Mud Cat signs deal with Vinawaco Cutterhead dredges will be used to restore irrigation canals Shown above is 1 of 2 4000HP dredgers delivered 4 years ago by Mud Cat to Vietnam Although two U.S. construction firms signed contracts duringRead more

Mud Cat MC-2000 Used to Dredge West Palm Beach Canal

By Kathy Tilghman Kluge IT Corporation, one of America’s largest environmental remediation companies, is using a Mud Cat MC-2000 to dredge the West Palm Beach Canal in Florida. The canal water is eventually pumped into the Everglades, forming part of the extensive

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