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Marina Dredging

Dredging helps waterways’ bottom line: Baltimore County, MD dredging plan aids boaters and environment

Five picturesque creeks and coves in eastern Baltimore County, MD are being dredged and another four will be scooped in an aggressive $2 million project to enrich the environment and continue to attract recreational boaters. The deepening of the channelsRead more

DGPS-Based Survey Systems for Small Dredging Projects

Moderately-priced, leased GPS-based positioning systems are now available for small dredging projects. A typical system includes a standard PC compatible computer, with Trimble 4000 series differential GPS and Windows-driven software such as HYPACK. A properly-qualified technician can install a basic

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Introducing the Mud Cat — A Quick and Easy Cleanup for Marina Waters

by Mary Byrnes Don’t let the name fool you. Mud Cat only sounds like the latest addition to the list of endangered species. It’s actually a trim little machine from Mud Cat International that clears water of sludge, sedimentation, and

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Tricks of the Trade — Mini-Dredge Clears Silt Quickly from Boat Channel

The Mud Cat, a two-man-operated mini-dredge recently removed accumulated silt from a lagoon channel at Ventura Keys, Calif. in a test demonstration. Powered by a 175-hp diesel, the dredge operates through an auger assembly at the end of a boom

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Marina Dredging Adds New Revenue-Producing Slips

Excerpted from The Journal News By Ken Valenti NEW ROCHELLE - After years of plans and permits, the dredging of the city's marina is under way. Creative Waste Management of Folcroft, Pa., is stationed in the parking lot by Hudson Park,Read more
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