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Portable Dredge Used to Mine Silica Sand

Dresser Minerals, a division of Dresser Industries, Inc., has been using a Mud Cat from Mud Cat International’s Mud Cat Division to recover silica sand from an open pit mine filled with water at its Dubberly, Louisiana, plant. According to Stephen

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Mud Cat Dredge Used in AMAX Molybdenum Mine

At the Henderson Mine water filtration system in Colorado, the Mud Cat is being used to clean a secondary holding pond that contains water pumped from deep within the mine. This $400 million molybdenum mining project took 12 years to

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Mud Cat Custom Dredge for SQM, Chile

Sociedad Quimica Minera de Chile SA (SQM) purchased a customized auger dredge to extract potassium nitrate from the Mud Cat Division of Mud Cat International. The dredge was used to extract potassium nitrate from solar evaporation ponds at Coya Sur,

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