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With New Chicago Park District “TrashCat™” Trash Skimmer, Garbage has No Safe Harbor

It looks like little more than a floating conveyor belt, but a new Chicago Park District trash skimmer known as the “TRASHCAT™” represents the newest hardware in the never-ending battle against the pesky litter bug. The “TRASHCAT™” was immediately pressed

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Dubai’s New Creek ‘Sweepers’

UMI TrashCat™ operating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai Municipality's environment protection department has acquired two new marine trash skimmers to collect waste from the Dubai Creek, the city's main trade channel. The Dh2.5 million marine trash skimmers were officiallyRead more

New “TrashCat™” Trash Skimmer to Clean Debris from Harbors and Dams

The sun is out, the day is clear, and there is a scent in the area. Unfortunately, the scent is an unpleasant one, because accumulated trash in the waterway has gone unattended for some time. Debris-laden harbors and marinas are

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Port of Baltimore’s Trash Navy

Part of the Baltimore's "TRASHCAT™ Fleet "TRASHCAT™" operating off the Inner Harbor promenades On a rainy day, it takes no time for a discarded cheese twisties plastic bag tossed into a gutter in Baltimore to wind up floating in itsRead more

New York City Solves Floating Refuse Problems with a UMI Trash Skimmer

UMI TrashCat™ operating on the East River of New York City UMI TrashCat™ operating on Jamaica Bay, New York City When New York City transfers solid waste to and from its refuse barges, some of the material unavoidably falls intoRead more

Skimming the Surface of Water Pollution: Use of Marine Skimmers

UMI TrashCat™ operating on Jamaica Bay, New York City In response to widely publicized beach closures, the New York State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) collaborated with federal, state, local, and private interests as part of a Floatables Action Program.Read more

Aquatic Street Sweepers — Floating Trash is No Match for Special Marine Trash Skimmers

UMI TrashCat™ operating on the East River of New York City When most landlubbers throw a piece of trash on the ground, they usually don’t give it a second thought. But boaters are rudely reminded of this carelessness every timeRead more

United Marine International (UMI) Successfully Commissions a New Generation of TrashCat™ Trash Skimmer Vessels in Hong Kong and Singapore

By Louis E. Shenman, United Marine International LLC, Washington Twp, NJ, USA Abstract Everything gradually works its way down to the sea! In this day and age, it is unfortunate that litter generated anywhere eventually ends up in our rivers

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Buffalo Bayou Partnership and Port of Houston Launch New Trash Skimmer Vessel, “Mighty Tidy”

Mud Cat MC-2000 Auger Dredge The Mud Cat MC-2000 is one-truck transportable TrashCat™ "Mighty Tidy" removing floating trash between seawall and a ship in Houston Ship Channel June 2003 In June, 2003, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, in conjunction with itsRead more
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