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Sludge Remover Proves More Effective than Drag-Line Method in Pond Cleaning

Problem: Settling pond at Western Kraft Corp., Albany, Ore., was formerly cleaned by dragline and sludge was hauled to a disposal site. This method often necessitated the removal and replacement of a divider wall which create a U-shaped path and doubled

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How Crane and Co. Used a Mud Cat to Clean an Effluent Lagoon

Portable dredge readily removed the sludge from the lagoon which followed an effluent clarifier at the Dalton, Mass. site of the Crane fine and currency paper mills Crane and Co. was faced with the problem of cleaning an effluent lagoon that

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Two Mud Cat Dredges remove biowaste and fiber sludge The Recyclers at the Korsnas plant

The recycling process in brief: Dredging: Two dredges from Mud Cat remove biowaste and fiber sludge from sediments in the Korsnas purification basins.Dredging is operated by NCC Milman. Dewatering: The dewatering facility removes 95-97% of the water content of the sludge inRead more

Environmentally Sound Precision Dredging using a Mud Cat Dredge

The Mud Cat dredgehead has very high precision, minimum turbidity and low water flow as its special features. Long-term discharge from industries means that our lakes and waterways are exposed to major stress - stress that finally leads to waterwaysRead more
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