Mud Cat 225D – Diesel Dredge

The MC 225D– is the longest-lasting auger dredge in the industry. The MC 225D is a one-truck transportable that has completed more industrial, agricultural, mining, and stormwater pond projects around the world than any other diesel dredging system.  The MC 225D is utilized by the leading environmental contractors around the globe.

The easy to use controls are stationed in a comfortable climate-controlled operator’s cabin.  The MC 225D comes in two cutterhead configurations.  The 815 Cutter is a higher torque designed for consolidated materials, and the 727 Cutter is a high shroud design for maximum solids intake.  The 230 HP (172kW) engine powers a 2,000 GPM (453m3/hr.) hi-chrome slurry pump with up to 120 ft. (36.6m) head.



  • Nominal Pump Capacity – 2000 GPM (453 m³/hr) against 120 ft (36.6 m) head. Up to 124 yd³s /hr (95 m³/hr) of production at 30% solids content
  • Digging Depth – 4.6 m (15′)
  • Total Installed Power – 168 kW (225 HP)
  • Dry Weight – 10,205 kg ( 222,500 lbs)
  • Discharge – 152 mm (6″) High-Pressure Pump

Features and Benefits

Two Cutterhead Options 

727 Model for bio-solids materials & 815 Model for heavier, harder to cut materials

Adjustable Cutterhead

Allows the operator to adjust the cutterhead for optimal performance

Down Force Ladder Cylinder

Allows operator to keep positive down-force into the material so the cutter will not walk on top of it

Electrical Over Hydraulic

Allows operator easy control of all dredge functions and simplifies hydraulic

Two Pump Hydraulic System

Reduced maintenance and higher efficiency

Traverse Cable Drive System

Allows for high torque pulling into materials; cable system can be removed without detaching from anchors

Ladder Pump

Ladder mounted pump for higher solids pumping than hull-mounted pumps

Made by Mud Cat

Mud Cat invented the auger dredge and continually leads the industry for innovation and quality. Mud Cat dredges are built from the highest quality parts and therefore last longer than the competition.

Optional Equipment

  • Broadcaster discharge attachment
  • Radio remote control for operation in hazardous environments
  • Slurry sample line w/ on/off switch in the cab
  • Flow meter
  • Density Meter
  • GPS
  • Saltwater package (stainless steel hydraulic fittings, hardware, and zinc anodes)
  • Liner protection wheels
  • Spotlight w/ toggle switch in the cab

For further information about our MC 225D diesel auger dredge, contact us today at +1-913-642-5100 or complete our project form and one of our representatives will be sure to contact you.