Mud Cat 20E Remote Controlled Electric Auger Dredge

The Mud Cat 20E is a remote controlled electric auger dredge that is commonly used for lower flow applications that require a complete lagoon cleanout without an even bottom profile, but not maximum flow due to a restrictive dewatering process or limited dewatering footprint.

  • Sphere Passage: 102 mm (4”)
  • Digging Depth – 4.3 m (14′)
  • Total Power – 15 kW (20 HP)
  • Nominal Pump Capacity – 136 m3/hr. @ 18.3m (600 GPM @ 60’ TDH)
Remote Controlled Dredge - Mud Cat Model 20E

Features & Benefits

Cast Iron Pump

Volute and impeller have a longer lifespan than fabricated steel pumps.

Larger Sphere Passage

Less clogging than fabricated steel pumps on competitors’ dredges

Electric Submersible Pump

Requires less maintenance on seals and bearings than pumps powered by long drive shafts.

4-Wheel Liner Protection System

Uses 4 wheels instead of 2, drastically reducing the chance of costly poly lagoon liner damage. The pump will never hit or drag on a liner like hanging pump units.

Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Steel Hull

Insures long lifespan, durability, and will not crack like plastic/poly floats, which have inherent issues with UV exposure.

Hydraulic Driven Traverse System

Provides full torque and power at all speeds

Faster Cutting Speed

System moves at twice the speed of other auger remote controlled dredges increasing productivity.

Radio Remote Sense

The hand-held transmitter may be operated up to over 1,000 ft. away. Operating functions indicated by dredge mounted 5-color light tree.

Automated Remote Control Dredging

Mud Cat is the world leader for dredge automation and can integrate a series of functions into a NEMA 4 or 4x control panel.

4-Moving Parts

Fewer parts equals ease of operation, reduced cost, and less maintenance.


Available with stainless hull and components, various coatings, low profile design for low bridges, slurry pump options. Special requests are welcome.

E-Series Optional Equipment

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