Mud Cat 40E

Mud Cat E-Series Electric Auger Dredges
Sphere Passage:
 101.6mm (4″)
Max. Digging Depth:
 4.26m (14′)
Total Power:
 29.82 Kw (40 HP)
Nominal Pump Capacity:
 204 cu m3/hr @ 15.24m
(900 GPM @ 50 TDH)

The Mud Cat™ 40E is the preferred electric dredge for many Waste Water Treatment Plant applications. Biosolids removal with this unmanned dredge is effectively achieved utilizing a 40HP submersible slurry pump.  This unit will deliver 900 GPM against 50 feet of total dynamic head to produce up to 56 cubic yards per hour at 30% solids content.  This unit like all Mud Cat™ Electric units can be configured as an automated dredge for efficient and effective hydraulic dredging.

Contact your local LWT Representative to inquire about our Mud Cat™ 40E and other dredge related solution offerings.  LWT also provides dredge rental for short term projects.

Additional Equipment

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