Mud Cat 50E

Sphere Passage:
 76mm (3″)
Max. Digging Depth:
 5.18m (17′)
Total Power:
 37.28Kw (50 HP)
Nominal Pump Capacity:
 272 cu m3/hr @ 18.28m
(1200 GPM @ 60 TDH)

The Mud Cat™ 50E is LWT’s largest stock electric dredge.  Ideal for high volume lagoon dredging projects, this auger dredge is the industry leader in biosolids removal.  With its 50HP submersible slurry pump this unit will deliver 1200 GPM against 60 feet of total dynamic head while producing up to 74 cubic yards per hour at 30% solids content.  Configured as a remote control dredge, the Mud Cat™ 50E becomes an automated system reducing the cost of operation while improving productivity.  Hydraulic dredging has never been easier or more effective.

Contact your local LWT Representative to inquire about our Mud Cat™ 50E and other dredge related solution offerings.  LWT also provides dredge rental for short term projects.

Additional Equipment

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