Multi-Function Dredge (MFD)

The Mud Cat MFD (Multi-Function Dredge) is a self-launching, amphibious dredge with a self-propulsion feature.  In fact, the Mud Cat MFD  has a heavy duty excavator arm that can be used with a variety of quick attachment dredging tools to convert the system into a cutter suction dredge, trash removal machine, environmental clamshell, amphibious excavator, or a pile driving vessel.  As a matter of fact, the Mud Cat MFD was chosen by the Iraq Government as a durable alternative to lighter duty multi-function systems.

This multi-functioning dredge features a 300 HP Cat Diesel engine on a  single -piece hull with seven watertight sealed compartments. Also, the MFD’s comfortable heated and air conditioned operators cab also features an easy-to-use joysticks for dredge. control.

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Max. Digging Depth: 
6.17 m (20′ 3″)
Total Power: 
224 kW (300 HP)
Yes (No crane required)
MC-Cutter Pump
MC-Trash / Vegetation Rake
MC-Clamshell Bucket
MC- Excavator Bucket
MC-Piling Bucket
MC-Brush Mower
Compliance:  Certified Pump Curve
Jones Act Compliant for Use in USA Navigable  Waterways
SGS Inspection Available Upon Request
ABS River Rules Compliant Model Available (special build)
 Specifications (English)
Espcifications  (Español)