Total Power:
30 kW (40 HP)
Max. Digging Depth:
15.24 m (50′)
Sphere Passage:
101.6 mm (4 in)
Nominal Pump Capacity:
90 m3/hr @ 39.62 m
(400 GPM @ 130 TDH)
Nominal Production Range:
19 m3/hr
25 yds3/hr

The Mud Cat™ ROV SRD-6E is an electrically powered, remote controlled auger dredge equipped with the highest quality submersible pumps available.  The unit was designed for sludge removal in difficult to access and sometimes toxic areas such as storage tanks and covered sewage ducts.  In addition, this ROV is also uniquely suited for sediment removal in storm runoff pipelines and cooling towers.

Nominal pump performance is 400 GPM against 130 feet of total dynamic head while producing up to 25 cubic yards per hour of sediment removal at 30% solids content.

With an operating depth of 50 feet and a range of 500 feet, the Mud Cat™ ROV SRD-6E dredge is the go to solution for otherwise inaccessible applications.

LWT custom manufactures these dredges per operator requirements.

Contact your local LWT Representative to inquire about our Mud Cat™ ROV and other dredge related solution offerings.  LWT also provides dredge rental for short term projects.

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