Trash Skimmer Vessels

Due to heavy Mud Cat dredge sales, EDT is temporarily stopping production on Trash Cat products.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Trash Cats are the most durable floating debris removal systems in the world. They were featured on The Learning Channel’s (TLC) “Mega Machines”:The Trash Cat trash skimmer vessel system can be used for removing floating debris from rivers, reservoirs, canals, ports and other waterways. The Trash Cat can easily remove the following man-made and organic floating debris: logs, tires,

shopping carts, refrigerators, bowling balls, leaves, bottles, cans, ropes, fish, and plastics. The Trash Cat has removed billions of tons of debris from New York to Dubai to Malaysia. Trash Cats have unique features that make them more durable than other trash skimmers including the high density rub rail system which can prolong the life of the Trash Cat 2:1 over other skimmers. The Trash Cat is built to last 30-50 years and is selected by governments, port operators, and other entities for its reputation as the leader. The Trash Cat is available in several sizes and has the following available accessories: shore conveyors, tilt-deck trailers, and trailer conveyors. The Trash Cat can also be customized with high speed propulsion and stainless steel hulls.

1500 Series System

Pick Up Capacity: 8 ft wide x 1-1/2 ft deep
Storage Capacity: 1,500 lbs or 120 cu ft


Marineskimmer – MS8-1500A
Pier Conveyor – PC-500 (*)
Tilt-Deck Trailer – T-6T
Power Pack – P-220T

12000 Series System

Pick Up Capacity: 16 ft wide x 2-1/2 ft deep
Storage Capacity: 12000 lbs or 700 cu ft


Marineskimmer – MS16-12000B
Pier Conveyor – PC-800 (**)
Tilt-Deck Trailer – T-12T
Power Pack – P-220T


1.  SHORE CONVEYORS – the following can be used in lieu of Pier Conveyors in offloading areas (lake or river embankments, boat launch ramps, etc.) not requiring a sharp “drop-off”:
(*) Model #C-500 or #AC-500;  (**) Model #C-800 or #AC-800.

2.  OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – can be added as desired.

UMI Marine Trash Skimmer

Trashcat Trash Skimmer Cleans the Baltimore Inner Harbor

Trashcat Trash Skimmer Launching

Trash Skimmer at Work Skimming Along Sea Walls

Trash Skimmer Picking Up Debris at Face of Hydroelectric Dam

Trash Skimmer Offloading and Transferring Debris