Mud Cat invented the auger dredge in 1971 and has shipped more one truck transportable dredges around the globe than any other dredge supplier.

Why Mud Cat?

Mud Cat and its affiliates are the largest group of dredge companies in the Americas.
  • Invented The Auger Dredge In 1971.
  • Sold More Auger Dredges Than Any Supplier Worldwide.
  • One Truck Transportable.
  • No Assembly Required
  • Creates Even Bottom Profile
  • Electric And Diesel Powered Models
  • More Repeat Buyers Than Other Auger Dredge Builders
  • Longest Useful Life Cycle In The Auger Dredge Industry


Today Mud Cat has sold hundreds of dredging systems to over 60 countries around the globe.

  • One Truck Transportable
  • Dredges Delivered To Over 60 Countries
  • Short Lead Times on Standard Models
  • Global Service & Support

Dredging Applications

Used in Agriculture, Industrial, Mining, Water & Wastewater, and Waterway Applications.

Innovation     |     Quality     |     Support

Mud Cat is recognized around the world as an iconic brand synonymous with the word “dredge.” Over a billion cubic meters of sand, sludge, mud and hazardous waste have been dredged with Mud Cat dredges.

“The only way to stop a Mud Cat…is to turn off the key.”