An Initiative to Provide Sanitary Sewer Systems to 40 Villages in the Southern District of New Chimbote

CHIMBOTE, PERU — An initiative to provide sanitary sewer systems to 40 villages in the southern district of New Chimbote was being delayed by a series of overfilled treatment/oxidation ponds.

Excess soil accumulation combined with high sludge levels reduced the ponds’ original design capacities and created a toxic flooding hazard in the event of heavy rains.

The solution was to deploy a Ellicott Dredge Technologies, LLC Mud Cat™ 40E Dredge which is engineered to remove not only sludge but also excess soil accumulation.

Total Power: 40HP (29.8 kW)
Flow Rate: 900 GPM at 50 TDH (204 m3/h at 15m head)
Pump Size: 6″ suction x 4″ discharge (152.4mm x 101.6mm)
Digging Depth: 14 ft. (4.26 m)

With this successful dredging application completed, the 40 villages in the southern district of New Chimbote will be able to receive the benefits of a new sanitary sewer system.

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