Mud Cat 115D Successfully Commissioned in Western Australia

Mud Cat Dredges today announced that their brand new Mud Cat 115D was successfully commissioned in Western Australia at a wastewater treatment plant. “The dredge was provided from inventory by Apex Envirocare in Australia, Mud Cat’s authorized dealer,” the company said.

The MC 115D was designed around the premise of making a durable, productive, transportable, stable, safe, and affordable dredge for entry-level buyers or operations on a budget.

Also, the controls can be learned quickly, and maintenance is simple.

The system boasts a powerful 125 HP (93 kW) diesel engine, 2,000 GPM (454m3/hr.) dredge pump, and a powerful cutterhead with the patented Pump Defender for reducing downtime in debris rich environments by up to 80%.

The MC 115D has options for the patented WeedMaster Cutterhead that convert it to a hydraulic weed harvesting machine that can pump vegetation to shore as well as optional outboard motors for self-propulsion in non-compact materials.

The 115D also offers an optional radio remote control for additional versatility in toxic environments where safety is paramount.

Source: Dredging Today

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